Our Business

DTEK Oil&Gas extracts and sells natural gas and gas condensate.

We are the leading privately-owned gas company and are the second largest in Ukraine by volume.

In 2014–2017, DTEK Oil&Gas has scaled up gas extraction 3-fold, and increased gas condensate production by more than 200%.

Our Business

Licence sites

We conduct exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons at 3 licensed sites: Semyrenkivske and Machukhske fields, and Khoroshevo field.

Semyrenkivske gas condensate field

Operator: Naftogazvydobuvannya
Location: Shyshaky and Myrhorod districts of Poltava region
Area – 158.8 sq. km
Reserves – 16.8 bln cub. m 
Wells depth – over 5.400 m

Machukhske gas condensate field

Operator: Naftogazvydobuvannya
Location: Poltava district of Poltava region
Area – 19.2 sq. km
Reserves (category C1, C2): 5.2 bln cub. m
Wells depth – over 5.500 m
Unique in its complexity of geological conditions of development (stratum pressures of over 1,000 atm with anomaly factor of more than 2).

Khoroshevo field

Operator: Naftogazrozrobka
Location: Kharkiv district of Kharkiv region
Natural gas resources (C3 category) – 1,28 bln cub. m

Our Business
Geological exploration

The increase of resource and reserve potential of hydrocarbons is one of the highest priorities of our company and the entire sector. We believe the most promising is development of large depths of over 5,000-6,000 meters.

For exploration of gas deposits at such depths, the company employs a set of various geological exploration and surveillance methods. In 2015, we conducted the most extensive 3D seismic surveys in Ukraine at Semyrenkivske and Machukhske fields.

Our Business

DTEK Oil&Gas is one of the leaders of deep drilling in Ukraine. In 2013-2017 the company commissioned 14 wells with depth of more than 5,400 m, including the deepest well in Ukraine – No. 17 of Semyrenkivske field (6,750 m). Deep well drilling has new potential for gas production, especially given the high depletion of the existing fields. For deep drilling, DTEK Oil&Gas uses technologies and equipment of both Ukrainian and international oil service companies, such as Halliburton, Schlumberger and Wetherford.

Naftogazvydobuvannya PJSC wells drilling capacities

  • 2013 – 3,500 m
  • 2014 - 33,700 m
  • 2015 - 18,300 m
  • 2016 - 3,500  m
  • 2017 - 10,000 m
Our Business

We produce gas and gas condensate from 22 wells with a depth of over 5,400 m each.

After extraction, natural gas and gas condensate are processed at 3 gas conditioning facilities: Olefirovka, Semyrenky, and Machukhy.

Olefirovka preliminary gas conditioning facility is one of the newest and most efficient plants in the domestic gas production sector. It was commissioned in 2014. Its construction involved the technologies and equipment that ensured high efficiency and minimised the impact on the environment. The capacity of Olefirovka facility exceeds 2 billion cub. m of natural gas and 70,000 t of gas condensate a year.

Semyrenky and Machukhy preliminary gas conditioning facilities were also upgraded in 2015-2017. Proprietary engineering solutions of DTEK Oil&Gas employees were applied in the upgrade.

Gas conditioning capacities of Naftogazvydobuvannya PJSC facilities

  • Olefirovka – 6 million cub. m/day
  • Semyrenky – 4 million cub. m/day
  • Machukhy – 2 million cub. m/day
Our Business

DTEK Oil&Gas sells the extracted natural gas to industrial consumers. Key buyers of our gas are the companies of the SCM group, such as thermal power plants of Kyivenergo and metallurgical plants of Metinvest.

All our gas condensate is sold at our bidding platform: tenders.dtek.com