DTEK Oil&Gas follows the principles of sustainable development.

We care for the environment, ensure safety at work and contribute to the development of local communities.

Social partnership

Strategies of Social Partnership

Being a trusted partner to local communities is an important principle of DTEK Oil&Gas operations. Each year we elaborate the strategies of social partnership with Shyshaky, Myrhorod and Poltava districts of Poltava region. These strategies are jointly developed with members of local community, representatives of district and village public authorities and independent experts.

In 2014-2019, we spent over USD 53 mln UAH on projects in healthcare, education, infrastructure development and energy saving, which allowed to significantly increase the living standards of the population.


On 1 January 2018 the Law of Ukraine, according to which 5% of royalties transferred to local budgets, came into force.

For 2018-2019 DTEK Oil& Gas had paid 169.5 million UAH to the local budgets of Poltava region of different levels, which was a significant contribution to development of local communities.

Occupational health and industrial safety

Ensuring safe labor conditions and compliance with industrial safety requirements are the key operating principles of DTEK Oil&Gas.

All the company’s production facilities are under 24/7 monitoring for compliance with legislative and industry requirements.

Not only does our personal safety equipment meet the regulatory standards, but goes far beyond what is required.

Every year our employees participate in more than 200 training events.

In 2014-2019 no occupational injuries or emergencies were reported.

Our safety management system has been successfully certified according to OHSAS 18001:2007 “Occupational health and safety management system requirements”.

Environmental protection

We care for the environment in areas where we explore and extract hydrocarbons and follow international environment protection standards.

Only certified materials are used in our operations. Once drilling is complete, the soil is restored to its initial state through technical and biological reclamation.

Independent annual environmental monitoring is conducted on the company’s license sites. No traces of oil products have ever been detected in water, soil or air samples.

The environment management system at Naftogazvydobuvannya is certified according to ISO 14001:2015.

Here you can find more information regarding ecological policy of DTEK.