DTEK Oil&Gas’ Traditional Volunteer Campaign Clean City

DTEK Oil&Gas’ Traditional Volunteer Campaign Clean City

Oil and gas04 May 2018

On April 21, DTEK Oil&Gas held its traditional volunteer campaign Clean City tied to the International Earth Day. This year the event took place in village Kovanchik of the Machukhska United Territorial Community of the Poltava Region, where the Machukhske Field and the company’s gas processing facility are located.

DTEK Oil&Gas’ Traditional Volunteer Campaign Clean City

More than 120 employees of DTEK Oil&Gas and their families took part in the campaign. During the community clean-up, they removed litter around the community centre of village Kovanchik, planted trees and flowers, installed a new playground, improved the rest area, whitewashed trees, and hung out birdhouses and bird feeders.

Residents of village Kovanchik thanked DTEK Oil&Gas for their fruitful cooperation and gave the volunteers a hospitable welcome with a korovai. Head of the Machukhska United Territorial Community Valery Belokon said, “It’s nice that the company contributes to the improvement of our community. Its employees both worked with their hands and provided materials during this event. If we all work together side by side like that, Ukraine will flourish.”

Igor Shchurov, DTEK Oil&Gas CEO, also thanked the representatives of the Machukhska United Territorial Community for their cooperation, “DTEK Oil&Gas is a responsible company, and it is important for us to be a reliable friend and partner for the communities where we produce gas, and contribute to their social development. Therefore, we implement important social projects and hold volunteer campaigns that have become a good tradition in our company.” 

DTEK Oil&Gas implements projects in three districts of the Poltava Region in accordance with the Social Partnership Strategies: it repairs hospitals, medical and obstetric centres, community centres, purchases medical equipment, constructs public water supply systems and repairs roads. In 2017, the company allocated more than UAH 11 million for the implementation of such projects. 

Moreover, DTEK Oil&Gas transfers 5% of the rental payments to the local budgets, which significantly contributes to the economic development of the Poltava Region. In January and February 2018, the company transferred UAH 14.5 million rental payments to the budgets of all levels of the Poltava Region. UAH 1.4 million were transferred to the Machukhska United Territorial Community during this period.